Commercial Interior Design Power 50 – Firas Alsahin

Commercial Interior Design Power 50. Firas Alsahin is privileged to be part of the Top Talents making their mark on the region’s design industry.

As the Co-founder and Design Director of 4SPACE, Firas had always high hopes that 4SPACE would overcome the pandemic in a blink of an eye. He had always been a risk taker that guaranteed result. Firas pipeline projects are growing for 2021 coming from Saudi Arabia and several parts of UAE. Big announcements from the press became a highlight as well for the Floating Villa and the newest bar in Habtoor City, PAPA Bar.

What’s coming? Firas would like to focus on making sure that staff stay employed. In addition, he wants to serve all the clients to maximum capability without dropping fees or sudden change in the quality of work. Nevertheless, Firas will continue to expand horizon by sharing his vision for the future of the design and its innovation.

Firas Alsahin will always be delighted to be part of Commercial Interior Design Power 50.

Commercial Interior Design 01 Firas Alsahin

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