4SPACE Restaurant Design Transformation – Post COVID

4SPACE Restaurant Design Transformation. We’ve been exploring adaptable and portable designs that enable organically safe spaces for restaurant interiors giving them additional and transformable space to adapt social distancing.


Let’s face it: we really do not know how this catastrophe will play out, and therefore the implications to restaurant design remain just as undefined and a moving target for the foreseeable future.

To successfully navigate such a future, designers will need to take a transformational approach, one that embraces the spirit of continuous improvement and evolution, as the market evolves into the new normal.

Pre-COVID, it was recommended that restaurants give each seated diner a 1.4 square meters of space. During the pandemic however, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended this to be increased to 2.5 square meters per diner.

We’ve seen Restaurant Design Transformation done in a wrong way like big plexiglass boxes blocking people in, this can cause fear and claustrophobia. Dining out should be a great customer experience and diners should organically feel safe amidst the pandemic. We should provide a safe flow in the space without people feeling suffocated. Hospitality is about emotions, cultures, and scenes of happiness.

D&C02 Restaurant Design Transformation by 4SPACE

In this Italian restaurant that we at 4SPACE are working on, we utilize designs and materials that can be adapted to provide different layout planning space by using arched colored glass partitions which you can move and slide to create different spaces in between. We used materials that withstand constant sanitation like glass, steel and abrasion resistance surfaces.

The ability to forget is in human nature and getting back to normality is a matter of time, so concurrently we want to create a lovely space which is safe and that will last for years. The last thing we want is an over conscious costly design that causes fear or anxiety.

Indeed, the pandemic will, in fact, come to an end one day. As the world progresses to this end, Restaurant Design Transformation will also have to evolve and continually improve and remain relevant. We believe that it is key to have a “transformational” philosophy and “continuous development”. An evolution approach and mentality, as we begin the journey out of the current pandemic.

There’s already a lot of stress in the air. Let’s design relaxed and enjoyable spaces yet be safe and sustainable.

D&C01 Restaurant Design Transformation by 4SPACE


Post COVID-19 Home Design by 4SPACE – Life after the Pandemic

Introducing Post COVID-19 Home Design by 4SPACE. Over the past month or so, the novel coronavirus outbreak has changed our daily lives in ways big and small. And even once quarantines end, some expect that the “new normal” may look a little different. Considering how our daily behaviors and cleaning routines have shifted, we’re foreseeing ways the coronavirus could influence home decor and design trends in the months or years to come. How livable are the spaces we occupy? Will a post-pandemic world spur a new wave of thought with regard to spatial arrangements? From the home features that may become real estate must-haves to changes in layout, here are some things we’d like to share, the Post COVID-19 Home Design:

Post COVID-19 Home Design by 4SPACE 01

Post COVID-19 Home Design by 4SPACE 01

The Disinfecting Zone

We have to say goodbye for a while on the open space plan from the entryway to the living area. During the coronavirus outbreak, the simple act of walking in the front door has turned from a routine moment to an involved process. We carefully remove face masks, throw away gloves, take off our shoes, reach for the hand sanitizer, head to the sink to wash our hands or take a shower, and receive delivery through a sanitizing hatch. We now think a little differently about our entryways.

The Post COVID-19 Home Design has returned the antechamber/foyer between the front door and the living or dining area provides the ideal spot to remove shoes, hang up jackets, and slather on sanitizer before stepping inside. There will be an increased focus on creating a clean and organized entryway “drop zone” so we can leave our germs at the door.

Post COVID-19 Home Design by 4SPACE 02

Post COVID-19 Home Design by 4SPACE 02

Better Balcony Space

Originally considered an Egyptian or Persian concept, the balcony has suddenly become the most important space in residential around the globe as a result of the lockdown. That little space connecting the indoors and the outdoors has become more than just a place for miniature gardens and clotheslines. With social distancing the norm and another weeks/month of lockdown, people have resorted to repurposing their balconies. The great outdoors and its surreal calmness with the warmth of the sunlight gives everyone the breath of fresh air amidst the pandemic. Balconies are important in the Post COVID-19 Home Design as it symbolizes new kinds of freedom — to embrace social isolation without feeling trapped.

Post COVID-19 Home Design by 4SPACE 03

Post COVID-19 Home Design by 4SPACE 03

Evolution of Home Fitness / Game Area

 Covid-19 has forced us to exercise indoors. Space for the equipment and online sessions have been essential while everyone is afraid to go to public places such as gyms or recreational parks. It is now vital to create a multipurpose space for home fitness / game area while having Skype with family or doing Yoga sessions with friends on TV/online. Parents are now finding ways of entertaining children with no decent amenity space, and so a Dining Table can be a substitute to a Table Tennis space. This will help everyone to be more fit amidst the limit of the outside world.

Must-Have Home Office / Smart Working Space

 A few months ago, a home office was considered an extra space, but in the post-coronavirus world, it may become a necessity. During quarantine, most will be forced to work from home, and there will certainly be those who will not want to return to the office due to safety reasons. Residences will have significant reconsideration on how to create a beautiful, functional office at home that will be designed and set up to accommodate full time satellite workplaces. The spatial organization will be altered when the place to work at home becomes essential.

In conclusion, we don’t know how this pandemic will develop or what recurrent impacts there will be. But 4SPACE can assure one thing, there will be a lot of innovation in the design industry.

Commercial Interior Design Awards 2019 – A Night Full of Surprise!

4SPACE recent nominations with Commercial Interior Design Awards 2019 have garnered audiences across the industry. It has always been an honor to be part of such a prestigious event, especially in its 14th year. It remains to be the leading source of ideas, inspiration, and product and project information for industry professionals, including interior designers, fit-out firms, specifiers, suppliers, and developers – both private and public sectors — across the Middle East.

We are very much thrilled on what’s to come for the annual event, 11th of September 2019 at Madinat Jumeirah. Every year, it always excites us to capture the best moments of the finalists waiting for their names to be called. This year, 4SPACE is very fortunate to be shortlisted in three categories of Commercial Interior Design Awards 2019:

1) Best Use of Lighting in Interior Design – Kava & Chai at Dubai International Financial Center

2) Interior Designer of the Year – Co-founder and Design Director Firas Alsahin

3) Behind the Scenes – 3D Visualizer and Interior Designer Nafseer NP

It was a tough call to all the judges knowing that hundreds of submissions have fought for the spot. But definitely, every project is worth the shot. 4SPACE is looking forward to a sociable and fun evening with instagrammable moments meant to be shared. Commercial Interior Design Awards 2019 – a night full of surprise and a night to remember!

Commercial Interior Design Awards 2019 by 4SPACE 01Commercial Interior Design Awards 2019 by 4SPACE 02Commercial Interior Design Awards 2019 by 4SPACE 03

Bringing to Light – Atmosfire Restaurant Design by 4SPACE

Sharing with you is our latest project – Atmosfire Restaurant Design. With a pool of trendy restaurants along Jumeirah Road, standing out from the crowd will be the biggest challenge that every designer can face. But with 4SPACE, designing an empty space is not just about being unique, we design to evoke an emotional response. We believe that every great design begins with a good story. Our design communicates and relates to people.

From the branding to the execution, we managed every little detail to ensure a perfect outcome for this Atmosfire Restaurant Design. The client had trusted us to design this 6,000 sqft restaurant that will showcase “meats”, it’s all about barbecue and grill. From those keywords, we come up with a massive brick hood brazier spanning from the floor to ceiling that serves as the focal point of our design. With the striking open fire pit, guests will feel entertained and as much a part of the culinary action.



As the wheel of design is turning, 4SPACE decided to apply Terrazzo on most of the spaces – floor, walls, tables, and countertops. This was as a result of an understanding of our client’s interior design vision and our ability to achieve the desired contemporary yet classic look.



The outcome is a stunning brand new vintage vision; rich in history and tradition yet innovative with clear lines and a truly stunning, inviting appearance. We added corten steel walls on the ground level with ember linear lighting inspired by the grilling effect.



To continue with the seamless design, the angled ‘grill effect’ lines are incorporated into the banquettes seating. The bricks effect on the ceiling and walls creates a shift between the sleek surfaces to an aged appearance to create an atmosphere of classic history in one of the world’s youngest cities where residents and visitors crave a vision of heritage. A mild black steel has been applied to the meat agers cabinet; also around the pit area with the copper finishes. This design continues to provide the design theme of contemporary and aged imperfection.



The mezzanine floor presents a pleasant surprise as the detail of the upholstery, joinery, and finishes is punctuated by perfect lighting to create light yet a calm dining atmosphere. Our materials were used to allow maximum creativity including several viewpoints at every angle of the dining area and bar. The dining chairs are 100% leather upholstered in this Atmosfire Restaurant Design.

On the ground floor, around the central pit area, rotating chairs were designed and installed not only to ensure perfect comfort but at the same time to compliment the theatre of live cooking in the central barbecue pit for guests to observe; to take photos and videos for their shares and memories. Indeed, the quality of food to be found on the 6 unique grills are instagrammable and worth recording!



As a final touch and addition to the modern and yet yesteryear design concept, we added a copper mirror to the ground floor ceiling and on the mezzanine wall to give the illusion of space.

4SPACE is extremely proud to have achieved another remarkable and trendy restaurant. When the work we do is aligned with purpose, our ability to grow is boundless. AtmosFire is more than just a restaurant – it is a dining destination and an instagrammable place!

Atmosfire Restaurant Dubai is located on Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim 1 across Saga World.




4SPACE Elevating the Future – VR PARK Dubai Mall

VR PARK Dubai was designed by 4SPACE to challenge the reality and let visitors experience an extreme level of virtual reality. The average built-up area is 6100 sqm on two floors and it is located at level 2 in Dubai Mall.










Travel thru space as you enter this futuristic upside down virtual reality theme park. 4SPACE is truly honored to share its design expertise and elevate the dream of a distant future. The design concept of Upside Down Futurism is very challenging, yet we believed that this will be the seed of upcoming trend.



On the façade of VR PARK Dubai, 4SPACE crafted an innovative, hip, and delightful design strategy thru the modern technology of the digital world. A huge 90 degree curved LED display screen panel along with complete cityscape buildings of Dubai downtown bent upside down was designed with an intention to tell the people about the magnificent experience that they are going to have inside. The giant LED screen is showcasing the day and night of Dubai downtown with interesting animations. The entrance is inspired by the portals tubes that can be seen in sci-fi movies and it is illuminated with a futuristic approach.

The focal point of the entire theme park interior is the giant model of Burj Khalifa hanging upside down from the top ceiling till the floor. 4SPACE started the initial concept sketch with the upside down Burj Khalifa and this was the most thought-provoking part of the entire project. 4SPACE deliberately collaborated with the theming company to get the proper proportion, finishes, look and feel of actual Burj Khalifa. Sleek colors and extraterrestrial geometric shapes are very eminent with a combination of metal gloss for strict elegance.



Another remarkable space is the Dubai Drone entrance that has a resemblance to a time travel portal. It is illuminated with acrylic diffusers which are giving stunning blue ambiance. The descending years above the arches gives an idea of the time traveling concept. And the side walls provided with Blue linear LED light strips with a digital pattern.



In addition to the great interior is the public toilet that has an extraordinary twist. The toilet has an upside-down concept too. The floor wooden parquet was replicated on the ceiling and the actual floor was made plain grey ceramics. The dummy lavatories provided above the wash basin counter gives an upside-down look.

The overall vision was executed with a strong character and an exceptionally clever concept. it is a result of proficiency, expertise, and excellence of a design professional group from 4SPACE who works together to make a unique and innovative design idea.

VR PARK Dubai-4SPACE-010

VR PARK Dubai-4SPACE-010

VR PARK Dubai-4SPACE-010


Restaurant Design Trends 2018 through 4SPACE upcoming projects in Dubai.

Restaurant Design Trends 2018 through 4SPACE upcoming projects in Dubai.

What is on 4SPACE design trends list for 2018.

Trend 1: LESS IS MORE.

We will move away from the dark, clubby and Edison bulbs, toward a bright and sleek surface, no more barn wood and industrial chic in restaurant design trends 2018.


Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Atmosfire

Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Atmosfire

Trend 2: Bespoke lighting.

The ability of control the lights using technology like RGB changing and dimming will be in this year and will create great instagrammble moments.

4SPACE has designed a bamboo lighting feature in @moishi.uae with changing RGB colors that will create an amazing visual excitement and public engagement.


Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Moishi

Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Moishi

Trend 3️: Open cook place.

An open flame, wood burning cook spaces will make a presence in restaurant design trends 2018 as an open restaurant space for people to gather around, eat, socialize and post their experience.

4SPACE (latest BBQ restaurant) Atmosfire designed to create an instgrammable moment by designing an open fire PIT in the middle of the restaurant.


Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Atmosfire

Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Atmosfire


It will be more than food, Instagram-worthy designs for restaurants will be highly valued by millennials. In 2018 this restaurant design trend keeps driving restaurants to be irresistible to Photographers.

4SPACE has designed a new restaurant called CHARCOAL GARDEN that contains a charcoal installation suspended from the ceiling along with charcoal art statement as murals and focused around plant life mixed with vintage elements, perfect for creating an Instagram moment.

Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Charcoal Garden

Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Charcoal Garden

Trend 5️: Pantone of the year #ULTRAVIOLET

Bringing this year’s Pantone Ultraviolet in the design, transform a restaurant into one of extraordinary space and entice millennial and stay relevant.
4SPACE working on a new lounge in Dubai, where we let Ultra violet take center stage as a large piece of art along with deeper hues, pastels and metallic.


Restaurant design trends 2018--4SPACE- Arte de mare

Restaurant design trends 2018–4SPACE- Arte de mare

4SPACE design

Managing Director

Firas Alsahin

Restaurant Interior Design of Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE

From the sketch to reality. This is how Al Hamidieh Restaurant Interior Design in Dubai all started. Opening its 3rd branch now at Marsa Al Seef Dubai Creek, the newest development of MERAAS, 4SPACE has been offered the opportunity to share its design expertise.

Restaurant Interior Design Al Hamidieh 6

Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE

The overall restaurant interior design is inspired by the largest and central Souk inside the old walled city of Damascus, Al-Hamidiyah Souq. The famous 600-meter-long souk, built along the axis of the original Roman route to Jupiter’s Temple and smaller adjacent markets, is among the few remaining popular shopping places in Damascus and is covered with a corrugated iron roof.

Restaurant Interior Design Al Hamidieh 5

Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE-04

The restaurant interior design shows how the architecture of Damascus was mixed with the history and modern times. A touch of Syrian oasis and Emirati heritage made the Restaurant Interior design transcend. From the colors scheme, stones, woods, metal, every detail and finishes were cautiously designed to meet the client’s expectation. The restaurant interior design will be most likely comparable to the traditional alleys of old Damascus. All these elements enhance and reflect the ancient bazaar theme in a contemporary setting.

Restaurant Interior Design Al Hamidieh 2

Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE-06

As an imitation of the original design of the souk, the ceiling features a patterned arched iron rips that shelter the restaurant space. This pattern is based on Arabisk – Islamic geometric patterns. Another component is the stone columns and woodworks on the stairs.

The furniture is made of rustic wood and traditional Brokar fabric. Brokar Fabric is an exclusive fabric woven from mulberry silk that is only manufactured in Damascus. The fabric is woven by hand which requires great accuracy, precision, and craftsmanship.

Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE-07

Travel thru time as you enter this magnificent place with a mosaic of people mingling around having an enchanting feeling for the love of Levantine delights.

In this restaurant interior design, 4SPACE has brought the heart of Syria in the heart of Dubai.

Unveiling design for KHOFO restaurant in Marsa Al Seef by MERAAS

4SPACE unveiling Khofo Marsa Al Seef restaurant by MERAAS.

Marsa Al Seef the newest development of MERAAS will be putting a bold new face on the traditional hub.
Khofo Marsa Al Seef restaurant is an Egyptian Restaurant that will surely tweak your mind way back the Ancient History.
“A taste of the past, and a home of the future.” This 7,500 Sq. Ft restaurant offers a spectacular view of Dubai Creek and the heritage of Emirati people.
Drool upon their exquisite menu. Soon to open this coming December 2017! Designed by 4SPACE .

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-01

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-01

Khofo was derived from a name of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled during 4th dynasty, Khufu.
He commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

KHOFO Marsa Al Seef restaurant is designed to reflect Egypt’s culture and heritage, as well as its status as a modern cosmopolitan city.
With architecture influenced by the past and the present, visitors will embark on a journey through time, between the authentic
heritage and stylish contemporary areas. Whether you’re sitting indoors or outdoors, the atmosphere will be the same.

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-02

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-02

The staircase was inspired by Pyramid of Khufu, it is composed of a series of successively smaller mastabas (an earlier form of the tomb) one on top of another.

KHOFO Marsa Al Seef restaurant 03

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-03

As you enter the main door, a fabulous chandelier can be noticed because of its custom made design
and stunning color. The concept for this majestic light was drawn from Aten the God

KHOFO Marsa Al Seef restaurant 04

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-04

4SPACE have achieved its client’s vision thru a combination of history and modern elements.

The blend of light and fine details of the space generates an extraordinary experience.

KHOFO was not just designed for its function, but also for its diverse intricacy.

Nurai Restaurant by Dubai Water Canal designed by 4SPACE interiors

Nurai is located in Business Bay Dubai and will grow to be the best restaurant by Dubai Water Canal,

Facing toward Burj Khalifa.4SPACE interior design just delivered a trendy restaurant by Dubai Water Canal.

This 3300 Sqft trendy restaurant serves delicious international cuisine.

Nurai restaurant by Dubai Water Canal-4SPACE

The interior concept was inspired by the natural ambiance of a full moon in a dark forest.

The curved honeycomb patterned ceiling and full height wooden illuminated wall with hidden forest light,

Makes Nurai excellent example of a contemporary restaurant with an amazing location for a restaurant by the Dubai Water Canal.

Nurai restaurant by Dubai Water Canal-4SPACE

When you walk through a deep forest in a full moon night, you can feel the incredible illumination of the white
moon through the trees. The shades created by the moonlight is an absolute relaxing feel, and the idea was to bring the similar ambiance to the design.

In the Turkish language, “ Nurai “ mean the white moon. A white moon through a dark forest, that was the concept inspiration all about.

Giving dome-shaped ceiling with circular pattern resembles the moon.And the illuminated wooden wall cladding with forest pattern will give
the complete ambiance of a deep dark forest.

Nurai restaurant by Dubai Water Canal-4SPACE

When the light is off the forest pattern will be completely hidden and only can see the wooden finished wall.

Nurai design concept

Nurai is filled with trendy & modern geometrical patterns.The dome ceiling with hexagonal pattern is made with MDF PU(Polyurethane)
paint, dark Zebrano veneer, and light Zebrano veneer finished.Walnut wooden veneer is used in wall finishes.

Custom made pure white acrylic pendant lights gives the moon illumination.
Greenery in between the ceiling pattern gives more natural feeling and resemblance of the forest.Gold leaf texture was used on wall cladding at VIP sitting area in order to get a more luxurious look and feel.

Gold leaf texture was used on wall cladding at VIP sitting area in order to get a more luxurious look and feel.

Nurai rstaurant by Dubai water canal

Nurai facebook page



4SPACE stepping in for the new Marsa Al Seef restaurants project by Meraas

Steeped in the tradition of the Emirates, yet sprinkled with a hearty seasoning of modern times, the new Marsa Al Seef restaurants project by Meraas Development has much to offer by way of grandeur, heritage and tourism.

Mars Al Seef


The new Marsa Al Seef restaurants project is situated in the Historical District of Al Fahidi along the Dubai creek and provides a scenic view of ancient maritime trading hubs of Dubai.

Opening its doors to Dubai’s resident and floating populace in the year 2017, the Marsa Al Seef boasts of a 1.8km landscape to welcome and embrace several projects in its realm.

This sprawling boulevard nestles within itself, cultural experiences as well as opportunities for the hospitality industry, Retail, F&B sector and leisure and entertainment.

The development offers multiple vistas that appeal to the aesthetics of its visitors and guests, thereby boosting Dubai higher in the travel and tourism spectra.


It is with pride and considerable excitement, that 4Space Interior Design announces its latest endeavor with Meraas Development and the new Marsa Al Seef restaurants project.

4Space has been offered the opportunity to lend its design expertise to the Al-Hamidieh Restaurant which will open its third branch of fine dining restaurants as one of Meraas restaurants project on the Marsa Al Seef restaurants new avenue.


Within its vast design portfolio, 4Space has had many success stories of restaurant design and F&B projects. The firm brings to the table its extensive experiences in the F&B sector and is recognized as one of the trend setters for Dubai’s restaurant interior design. The clientele of 4Space in the F&B and Hospitality industry provides ample credibility of the competency and quality that we are accustomed to providing.


Looking ahead, 4Space envisages this project as a promising addition to its significant F&B credentials and its association with the new Marsa Al Seef restaurants project as a valuable opportunity to work with Meraas Development in the upcoming year.