In the competitive world of commercial interior design, the impact of a well-executed luxurious environment cannot be underestimated. Opulent materials and meticulously chosen finishes play a pivotal role in creating spaces that not only draw the eye but also enhance the overall user experience. At 4SPACE Design, we specialize in integrating luxury into every facet of our designs, ensuring that each project reflects a perfect balance of elegance and functionality.

As trends evolve, so does the approach to using luxury materials in commercial spaces. Recent trends lean towards blending traditional luxury elements with modern sustainability, creating spaces that are both opulent and environmentally conscious. Materials like recycled glass, reconstituted stone, and sustainably sourced wood are now at the forefront, offering the dual benefits of luxury and responsibility.

For sectors like hospitality and fine dining, the selection of materials goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating an atmosphere that complements the service excellence. From the reflective sheen of polished marble to the textured richness of aged wood, each material is chosen to enhance the customer’s experience, making every moment within the space memorable.

Incorporating luxury materials into different design styles requires a nuanced approach. For minimalist designs, the focus is on the quality and texture of materials, making every element count without overwhelming the senses. In more elaborate designs, such as art deco or classical, luxury materials can be used more liberally to enhance ornamental detailing and create rich, engaging environments. 

Each design style offers a unique canvas for luxury materials, allowing designers to tailor their approach to fit the brand and the expected user interaction within the space.


1 Moli

A prime example of this luxurious integration is seen in our latest work with Moli by Shi, a Chinese restaurant located in Dubai Hills. MOLI by SHI tells a tale as old as time, weaving the traditional Chinese architecture with the modern extravagance. The name “Moli” meaning “Jasmine” in Chinese, carries profound symbolism associated with purity, grace, and elegance, immersing visitors in a feeling of opulence and sophistication right from their arrival.

For this project, 4SPACE skillfully employed Lumi stone and exquisite wood finishes to craft an atmosphere of understated elegance. The natural patterns of the stone, combined with the warm tones of the wood, create a welcoming yet refined space that complements the culinary experience offered by the restaurant.

Walls adorned with classic carvings create a mesmerizing backdrop, while plush banquettes featuring intricate Chinese artwork set the stage for a lavish dining experience. As night descends, the central floor illuminates with a subtle glow, creating a magical atmosphere for refined dinners.

The interior of the space showcases a captivating architectural feature deeply rooted in Chinese tradition—the Dougong system. Originating from ancient Chinese construction techniques, Dougong represents a distinctive method of interlocking wooden brackets that provide structural support within a building’s framework.

The restaurant’s wall cladding is a testament of the meticulous artistry and cultural richness inherent in Chinese craftsmanship. Adorned with wood engravings, the surface becomes a canvas that elegantly tells a visual narrative, with each intricately carved detail capturing the essence of tradition and the enduring legacy of Chinese culture. 

Above, the ceiling features large hanging light features shaped in jasmine flowers, providing gentle and ambient lighting, further emphasizing the essence of Moli.

The seating arrangements and furniture are expertly crafted with a nod to traditional Chinese woodworking techniques. They are adorned with jacquard velvet fabric that presents an interpretation midway between a figurative depiction of magical tigers and the Chinese mythological realms.

Moli 20

Moli 18

4 Moli

A metallic bead curtain flows into the space merging the walls with the ceiling, gracefully mimicking the fluid movements of a dragon, as it weaves through the restaurant space and around the columns, starting from the entrance toward the end and grinding the guest gracefully through the space. 

In addition to its captivating lighting design, MOLI by SHI features an extraordinary flooring concept that adds another layer of sophistication to the space. Crafted with Special Natural Stone Panels from Lumi Stone, the flooring exudes timeless elegance and luxury.

The bathroom design at MOLI by SHI embodies the same level of refinement and attention to detail found throughout the restaurant. From the exquisite floral pattern on the antique mirror to the modern functionality of the illuminated counter, every element is thoughtfully curated to enhance the overall guest experience, ensuring that even the most intimate spaces exude luxury and sophistication.

Moli 19

Moli 22

Luxury materials are not just elements of decoration; they are transformative, setting the tone and elevating the functional art of interior design. At 4SPACE Design, we understand the power of these materials to create environments that resonate deeply with the users and leave lasting impressions. Whether it’s through the selective use of sophisticated stones or the strategic placement of bespoke woodwork, we are dedicated to bringing luxury, innovation, and satisfaction to every project we undertake.

As we continue to explore and integrate the latest trends in luxurious materials, our focus remains steadfast on delivering spaces that are not only beautiful but also a true reflection of our clients’ aspirations and the highest standards of interior design.

Explore our YouTube video for an exclusive look at Moli by Shi restaurant. The feature includes an interview with Firas Alsahin, Co-Founder and Design Director at 4SPACE, alongside Diana Rysbaeva, the owner of Moli by Shi. Dive into the story behind the design and the unique elements that define this exquisite venue.

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