Concept creation

Our interior designers acknowledge that good designs are founded on good concepts. Through our concept generation process, we can provide you with a framework that improves the accuracy and speed of your decision-making, leading to a space that is more truthful and consistent to your brand philosophy.


In 4Space, our architecture design approach is not only to meet the needs and requirements of our clients and local authorities, but also to exceed the expectations by creating innovative unique designs that implement the principles of sustainability, aesthetics, and efficiency. Whether it is a private residence, a hospitality building, or a high-rise building, our experienced architects will develop designs with a customized approach to every project.

Interior design

The best interior concept and design is meant to enhance user experience, while bringing financial value and maximising the impact of a space. Our interior designers aim to achieve optimum functionality without compromising on your comfort and personal style. We are a forward-looking company that prizes the themes of futurism, minimalism, functionality, social and sustainability.

Project management

Having a multidisciplinary team isn’t always enough – you need to find out how to effectively combine their skills to produce stellar results, excellent service and undeniable client satisfaction. 4Space builds on this principle, as we seek to deliver flawlessly executed projects, complemented by full support right from the design phase up to delivery and final installation.

Turn key projects

We are capable of managing all kinds of design projects, from small-scale accessorizing to full-blown luxury renovations. With a combination of project management, design, and engineering services, 4Space provides all-in-one solution for clients across Dubai, the UAE and the GCC region.