Karamna Al Khaleej Extension

Karamna Alkhaleej is a 6,600 SQ. ft. modern restaurant that celebrates traditional Gulf-Levantine food and culture, located in Downtown Dubai Boulevard, in The Address. The design is originated from the elements of Arabian Gulf region that embraces the traditional atmosphere with a contemporary setting, to meet the client brief.

The main columns in the restaurant are surrounded by golden illuminated stripes clustered together to form a palm tree shape – the most life element in the Gulf region. These strips are distributed in the restaurant ceiling and overlapped with each other as palm leaves. This design helped draw attention away from the exposed black ceiling and gave a visual depth. These strips are also gathered to form oriental arches which is much known in the region as architectural style.

The design is also inspired from the trunks of palm trees that are lined up by one wall in the restaurant with several colors to symbolize the diversity of the Gulf Arab country. As for the choice of materials and finishes, it has been a choice of traditional fabric for the furniture and black granite with a palm leaf pattern of copper inlays for the restaurant shop front. Big red stone slate was chosen for the walls as a reference for the red stone found in Mada’in Saleh heritage area in Saudi Arabia desert. The shisha lounge area in the restaurant is enclosed with a curved glass partition etched with palm pattern design and illuminated to turn it into an interesting laser beams effect.

We succeed to meet the client brief with the desired theme, also delivered a very functional space up to EMAAR standards by using high-quality finishes and materials, flexible layout, and smart solutions for the back of the house. What you would expect to be a traditional space has turned out to be a coherent and modern place.