Nurai Restaurant by Dubai Water Canal designed by 4SPACE interiors

Nurai is located in Business Bay Dubai and will grow to be the best restaurant by Dubai Water Canal,

Facing toward Burj Khalifa.4SPACE interior design just delivered a trendy restaurant by Dubai Water Canal.

This 3300 Sqft trendy restaurant serves delicious international cuisine.

The interior concept was inspired by the natural ambiance of a full moon in a dark forest.

The curved honeycomb patterned ceiling and full height wooden illuminated wall with hidden forest light,

Makes Nurai excellent example of a contemporary restaurant with an amazing location for a restaurant by the Dubai Water Canal.

Nurai restaurant by Dubai Water Canal-4SPACE

When you walk through a deep forest in a full moon night, you can feel the incredible illumination of the white
moon through the trees. The shades created by the moonlight is an absolute relaxing feel, and the idea was to bring the similar ambiance to the design.

In the Turkish language, “ Nurai “ mean the white moon. A white moon through a dark forest, that was the concept inspiration all about.

Giving dome-shaped ceiling with circular pattern resembles the moon.And the illuminated wooden wall cladding with forest pattern will give
the complete ambiance of a deep dark forest.

When the light is off the forest pattern will be completely hidden and only can see the wooden finished wall.

NURAI concept design

Nurai is filled with trendy & modern geometrical patterns.The dome ceiling with hexagonal pattern is made with MDF PU(Polyurethane)
paint, dark Zebrano veneer, and light Zebrano veneer finished.Walnut wooden veneer is used in wall finishes.

Custom made pure white acrylic pendant lights gives the moon illumination.
Greenery in between the ceiling pattern gives more natural feeling and resemblance of the forest.Gold leaf texture was used on wall cladding at VIP sitting area in order to get a more luxurious look and feel.

Gold leaf texture was used on wall cladding at VIP sitting area in order to get a more luxurious look and feel.

Nurai rstaurant by Dubai water canal

Nurai facebook page

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