Restaurant Interior Design of Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE

Restaurant Interior Design of Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE

From the sketch to reality. This is how Al Hamidieh Restaurant Interior Design in Dubai all started. Opening its 3rd branch now at Marsa Al Seef Dubai Creek, the newest development of MERAAS, 4SPACE has been offered the opportunity to share its design expertise.

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Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE

The overall restaurant interior design is inspired by the largest and central Souk inside the old walled city of Damascus, Al-Hamidiyah Souq. The famous 600-meter-long souk, built along the axis of the original Roman route to Jupiter’s Temple and smaller adjacent markets, is among the few remaining popular shopping places in Damascus and is covered with a corrugated iron roof.

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The restaurant interior design shows how the architecture of Damascus was mixed with the history and modern times. A touch of Syrian oasis and Emirati heritage made the Restaurant Interior design transcend. From the colors scheme, stones, woods, metal, every detail and finishes were cautiously designed to meet the client’s expectation. The restaurant interior design will be most likely comparable to the traditional alleys of old Damascus. All these elements enhance and reflect the ancient bazaar theme in a contemporary setting.

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Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE-06

As an imitation of the original design of the souk, the ceiling features a patterned arched iron rips that shelter the restaurant space. This pattern is based on Arabisk – Islamic geometric patterns. Another component is the stone columns and woodworks on the stairs.

The furniture is made of rustic wood and traditional Brokar fabric. Brokar Fabric is an exclusive fabric woven from mulberry silk that is only manufactured in Damascus. The fabric is woven by hand which requires great accuracy, precision, and craftsmanship.

Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE-07

Travel thru time as you enter this magnificent place with a mosaic of people mingling around having an enchanting feeling for the love of Levantine delights.

In this restaurant interior design, 4SPACE has brought the heart of Syria in the heart of Dubai.

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