4SPACE Design Celebrates Multiple Triumphs At The CID Awards: MENA

4SPACE Design Celebrates Multiple Triumphs At The CID Awards: MENA

4SPACE Design Celebrates Multiple Triumphs at the 17th Annual CID Awards: MENA

In a night of triumph and recognition for design excellence in the Middle East and North Africa, 4SPACE Design proudly announces its remarkable wins at the 17th Annual Commercial Interior Design (CID) Awards: MENA. The prestigious event, hosted at the opulent Madinat Jumeirah, brought together more than 900 industry luminaries for a celebratory evening.

Firas Alsahin: Designer of the Year Firas Alsahin, the visionary founder of 4SPACE Design, ascended to the pinnacle of recognition by clinching the coveted title of “Designer of the Year.” Alsahin, known for his unconventional design philosophy, is dedicated to embracing challenges. His philosophy has yielded astonishing results, as exemplified by iconic projects such as Papa Dubai and AYA Universe. Alsahin’s wellspring of inspiration ranges from classic cinematic masterpieces like “The Matrix” to contemporary gems like “Game of Thrones.” He underscores the transformative role of cutting-edge technologies like AI in elevating the design landscape.

Whites: Retail Project of the Year Whites, Laundry and Dry Cleaning defied expectations by securing the “Retail Project of the Year” award. Nestled within the vibrant Dubai Hills Mall, Whites redefines the concept of garment care. Its tranquil color palette, unwavering commitment to eco-consciousness, and minimalist design combine to offer a multisensory experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Judges were effusive in their praise for Whites, hailing its originality, innovation, and visual impact, despite its modest size.

JUN’s: Best F&B High-End of the Year JUN’s, an innovative culinary creation born from the collaborative genius of award-winning chef Kelvin Cheung and Three Layer Hospitality, was bestowed with the accolade of “Best F&B High-End of the Year.” Situated in the heart of Downtown Dubai, JUN’s seamlessly fuses Asian and North American culinary traditions while underscoring the importance of community and connection. The design concept takes inspiration from the aesthetics of horse stables, harmonizing natural materials and textures to craft a tranquil yet contemporary ambiance. The bar, an epitome of sophistication, is adorned with natural stone, while unique I-Mesh installations lend depth and intrigue to the space.

These triumphs at the CID Awards: MENA 2023 underscore 4SPACE Design’s unrelenting commitment to pushing the boundaries of commercial interior design. As articulated by Firas Alsahin himself, “We want every project to be challenging. It’s to be different, to challenge the norm and get a unique result.” Looking ahead, 4SPACE Design is poised to explore fresh opportunities and continue setting new standards in the dynamic realm of design.

The team at 4SPACE Design extends heartfelt gratitude to its supporters and eagerly anticipates the opportunity to unveil more groundbreaking projects in the future. Together, they are charting the course for the future of commercial interior design in the Middle East and beyond.