Restaurant Design Trends 2018 through 4SPACE upcoming projects in Dubai.

Restaurant Design Trends 2018 through 4SPACE upcoming projects in Dubai.

What is on 4SPACE design trends list for 2018.

Trend 1: LESS IS MORE.

We will move away from the dark, clubby and Edison bulbs, toward a bright and sleek surface, no more barn wood and industrial chic in restaurant design trends 2018.


Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Atmosfire

Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Atmosfire

Trend 2: Bespoke lighting.

The ability of control the lights using technology like RGB changing and dimming will be in this year and will create great instagrammble moments.

4SPACE has designed a bamboo lighting feature in @moishi.uae with changing RGB colors that will create an amazing visual excitement and public engagement.


Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Moishi

Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Moishi

Trend 3️: Open cook place.

An open flame, wood burning cook spaces will make a presence in restaurant design trends 2018 as an open restaurant space for people to gather around, eat, socialize and post their experience.

4SPACE (latest BBQ restaurant) Atmosfire designed to create an instgrammable moment by designing an open fire PIT in the middle of the restaurant.


Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Atmosfire

Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Atmosfire


It will be more than food, Instagram-worthy designs for restaurants will be highly valued by millennials. In 2018 this restaurant design trend keeps driving restaurants to be irresistible to Photographers.

4SPACE has designed a new restaurant called CHARCOAL GARDEN that contains a charcoal installation suspended from the ceiling along with charcoal art statement as murals and focused around plant life mixed with vintage elements, perfect for creating an Instagram moment.

Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Charcoal Garden

Restaurant Design Trends 2018-4SPACE-Charcoal Garden

Trend 5️: Pantone of the year #ULTRAVIOLET

Bringing this year’s Pantone Ultraviolet in the design, transform a restaurant into one of extraordinary space and entice millennial and stay relevant.
4SPACE working on a new lounge in Dubai, where we let Ultra violet take center stage as a large piece of art along with deeper hues, pastels and metallic.


Restaurant design trends 2018--4SPACE- Arte de mare

Restaurant design trends 2018–4SPACE- Arte de mare

4SPACE design

Managing Director

Firas Alsahin

Restaurant Interior Design of Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE

From the sketch to reality. This is how Al Hamidieh Restaurant Interior Design in Dubai all started. Opening its 3rd branch now at Marsa Al Seef Dubai Creek, the newest development of MERAAS, 4SPACE has been offered the opportunity to share its design expertise.

Restaurant Interior Design Al Hamidieh 6

Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE

The overall restaurant interior design is inspired by the largest and central Souk inside the old walled city of Damascus, Al-Hamidiyah Souq. The famous 600-meter-long souk, built along the axis of the original Roman route to Jupiter’s Temple and smaller adjacent markets, is among the few remaining popular shopping places in Damascus and is covered with a corrugated iron roof.

Restaurant Interior Design Al Hamidieh 5

Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE-04

The restaurant interior design shows how the architecture of Damascus was mixed with the history and modern times. A touch of Syrian oasis and Emirati heritage made the Restaurant Interior design transcend. From the colors scheme, stones, woods, metal, every detail and finishes were cautiously designed to meet the client’s expectation. The restaurant interior design will be most likely comparable to the traditional alleys of old Damascus. All these elements enhance and reflect the ancient bazaar theme in a contemporary setting.

Restaurant Interior Design Al Hamidieh 2

Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE-06

As an imitation of the original design of the souk, the ceiling features a patterned arched iron rips that shelter the restaurant space. This pattern is based on Arabisk – Islamic geometric patterns. Another component is the stone columns and woodworks on the stairs.

The furniture is made of rustic wood and traditional Brokar fabric. Brokar Fabric is an exclusive fabric woven from mulberry silk that is only manufactured in Damascus. The fabric is woven by hand which requires great accuracy, precision, and craftsmanship.

Al Hamidieh Marsa Al Seef by 4SPACE-07

Travel thru time as you enter this magnificent place with a mosaic of people mingling around having an enchanting feeling for the love of Levantine delights.

In this restaurant interior design, 4SPACE has brought the heart of Syria in the heart of Dubai.

Unveiling design for KHOFO restaurant in Marsa Al Seef by MERAAS

4SPACE unveiling Khofo Marsa Al Seef restaurant by MERAAS.

Marsa Al Seef the newest development of MERAAS will be putting a bold new face on the traditional hub.
Khofo Marsa Al Seef restaurant is an Egyptian Restaurant that will surely tweak your mind way back the Ancient History.
“A taste of the past, and a home of the future.” This 7,500 Sq. Ft restaurant offers a spectacular view of Dubai Creek and the heritage of Emirati people.
Drool upon their exquisite menu. Soon to open this coming December 2017! Designed by 4SPACE .

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-01

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-01

Khofo was derived from a name of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled during 4th dynasty, Khufu.
He commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

KHOFO Marsa Al Seef restaurant is designed to reflect Egypt’s culture and heritage, as well as its status as a modern cosmopolitan city.
With architecture influenced by the past and the present, visitors will embark on a journey through time, between the authentic
heritage and stylish contemporary areas. Whether you’re sitting indoors or outdoors, the atmosphere will be the same.

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-02

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-02

The staircase was inspired by Pyramid of Khufu, it is composed of a series of successively smaller mastabas (an earlier form of the tomb) one on top of another.

KHOFO Marsa Al Seef restaurant 03

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-03

As you enter the main door, a fabulous chandelier can be noticed because of its custom made design
and stunning color. The concept for this majestic light was drawn from Aten the God

KHOFO Marsa Al Seef restaurant 04

4SPACE-KHOFO restaurant Marsa Al Seef-04

4SPACE have achieved its client’s vision thru a combination of history and modern elements.

The blend of light and fine details of the space generates an extraordinary experience.

KHOFO was not just designed for its function, but also for its diverse intricacy.

Nurai Restaurant by Dubai Water Canal designed by 4SPACE interiors

Nurai is located in Business Bay Dubai and will grow to be the best restaurant by Dubai Water Canal,

Facing toward Burj Khalifa.4SPACE interior design just delivered a trendy restaurant by Dubai Water Canal.

This 3300 Sqft trendy restaurant serves delicious international cuisine.

Nurai restaurant by Dubai Water Canal-4SPACE

The interior concept was inspired by the natural ambiance of a full moon in a dark forest.

The curved honeycomb patterned ceiling and full height wooden illuminated wall with hidden forest light,

Makes Nurai excellent example of a contemporary restaurant with an amazing location for a restaurant by the Dubai Water Canal.

Nurai restaurant by Dubai Water Canal-4SPACE

When you walk through a deep forest in a full moon night, you can feel the incredible illumination of the white
moon through the trees. The shades created by the moonlight is an absolute relaxing feel, and the idea was to bring the similar ambiance to the design.

In the Turkish language, “ Nurai “ mean the white moon. A white moon through a dark forest, that was the concept inspiration all about.

Giving dome-shaped ceiling with circular pattern resembles the moon.And the illuminated wooden wall cladding with forest pattern will give
the complete ambiance of a deep dark forest.

Nurai restaurant by Dubai Water Canal-4SPACE

When the light is off the forest pattern will be completely hidden and only can see the wooden finished wall.

Nurai design concept

Nurai is filled with trendy & modern geometrical patterns.The dome ceiling with hexagonal pattern is made with MDF PU(Polyurethane)
paint, dark Zebrano veneer, and light Zebrano veneer finished.Walnut wooden veneer is used in wall finishes.

Custom made pure white acrylic pendant lights gives the moon illumination.
Greenery in between the ceiling pattern gives more natural feeling and resemblance of the forest.Gold leaf texture was used on wall cladding at VIP sitting area in order to get a more luxurious look and feel.

Gold leaf texture was used on wall cladding at VIP sitting area in order to get a more luxurious look and feel.

Nurai rstaurant by Dubai water canal

Nurai facebook page



4SPACE stepping in for the new Marsa Al Seef restaurants project by Meraas

Steeped in the tradition of the Emirates, yet sprinkled with a hearty seasoning of modern times, the new Marsa Al Seef restaurants project by Meraas Development has much to offer by way of grandeur, heritage and tourism.

Mars Al Seef


The new Marsa Al Seef restaurants project is situated in the Historical District of Al Fahidi along the Dubai creek and provides a scenic view of ancient maritime trading hubs of Dubai.

Opening its doors to Dubai’s resident and floating populace in the year 2017, the Marsa Al Seef boasts of a 1.8km landscape to welcome and embrace several projects in its realm.

This sprawling boulevard nestles within itself, cultural experiences as well as opportunities for the hospitality industry, Retail, F&B sector and leisure and entertainment.

The development offers multiple vistas that appeal to the aesthetics of its visitors and guests, thereby boosting Dubai higher in the travel and tourism spectra.


It is with pride and considerable excitement, that 4Space Interior Design announces its latest endeavor with Meraas Development and the new Marsa Al Seef restaurants project.

4Space has been offered the opportunity to lend its design expertise to the Al-Hamidieh Restaurant which will open its third branch of fine dining restaurants as one of Meraas restaurants project on the Marsa Al Seef restaurants new avenue.


Within its vast design portfolio, 4Space has had many success stories of restaurant design and F&B projects. The firm brings to the table its extensive experiences in the F&B sector and is recognized as one of the trend setters for Dubai’s restaurant interior design. The clientele of 4Space in the F&B and Hospitality industry provides ample credibility of the competency and quality that we are accustomed to providing.


Looking ahead, 4Space envisages this project as a promising addition to its significant F&B credentials and its association with the new Marsa Al Seef restaurants project as a valuable opportunity to work with Meraas Development in the upcoming year.

4SPACE interior design wins the BIZZ 2016 award in Washington D.C, USA

4SPACE interior design wins Bizz 2016 award

4SPACE interior design wins Bizz 2016 award, taking the name of United Arab Emirates to the highest level,

Was awarded by the World Confederation of Businesses WORLDCOB with one of the world’s most important business awards:

The “BIZZ 2016” award. This recognition of Entrepreneurial company was granted on July 31st in a gala ceremony held at The Willard Intercontinental, Washington D.C., USA.

4SPACE interior design wins Bizz 2016 awardFiras Alsahin-4SPACE interior design wins Bizz 2016 award

WORLDCOB is a leading business organization located in Houston, Texas that promotes the development and growth of more than 3,000 companies in over 120 countries and recognizes and boosts the growth of the outstanding companies and businesspeople as well as promoting the corporate social responsibility. And it makes it through The BIZZ, an award that recognizes the business excellence.

In previous editions, The BIZZ Awards was held in cities such as Houston, New York, Punta Cana, Panama, Cusco, Rome, Mumbai, Orlando, Barcelona, Miami / Bahamas, Doha, Paris, Los Cabos, Dubai, Venice, Hawaii, Abu Dhabi, Athens, Las Vegas and Muscat.

4SPACE interior design wins Bizz 2016 award-Firas Alsahin4SPACE interior design wins Bizz 2016 award 03

4SPACE interior design wins Bizz 2016 award,

And becomes the first interior design company in the United Arab Emirates that receives such an award and also became a member of WORLDCOB along with big corporations such as:


Upon the recommendation of the evaluation committee the Worldcob confer on Mr. Amjad Hourieh Managing Director of 4SPACE, the recognition of Excellence in Business Leadership and Business Management.

And Awarded Mr. Firas Alsahin Managing Director of 4SPACE,  the recognition of World Leader Businessperson for being a successful leader who works in an innovative, knowledgeable and systemic manner.

 4SPACE interior design wins Bizz 2016 award 02

Sargon by Naranj restaurant

SARGON by Naranj restaurant case study by 4SPACE interior design

SARGON by Naranj restaurant case study by 4SPACE interior design

Sargon by Naranj restaurant a 550 square meter restaurant, designed in order to create a dining experience based on a rich kitchen that has its roots in the times and era of Sargon of Akkad, and with the management and influence of its well known sister Naranj restaurant in Damascus.

Levantine Cuisine is King at Sargon by Naranj in DubaiSargon by Naranj restaurant

Levantine influence :

The interior design of Sargon by Naranj restaurant conceptualized from the Akkadian emperor conquest of the Sumerian city-states in the 23rd century BC until the present day.

The design of Sargon by Naranj restaurant based on a bold combination of different materials with rich details, the interesting ceiling is no doubt a visual focus, mysterious and exciting

As we used two arabesque pattern combining with the spatial distribution and created the decorative shapes on the ceiling, based on the exposed black ceiling concept.

The wooden Arabesque pattern distributes randomly on the horizontal metal lines bringing a kind of unique visual experience to the guests.

The CNC wave wall were inspired by the desert that conquered by Sargon of Akkad.

The brass bead curtain suspended from the ceiling around the seating areas to give a feel of privacy.

Brass linear elements distributed through the wood elements, with an illuminated Onyx bottom.

Part of the Sargon by Naranj restaurant walls cladded with back lit onyx marble and other part with gold leaf finish.

Sargon by Naranj 4SPACE interior designSargon by Naranj 4SPACE interior design

Levantine Cuisine is King at Sargon by Naranj in Dubai

retail design 4SPACE

Retail design sector at Index, witnessed the success of 4SPACE

Retail design sector at Index, witnessed the success of 4SPACE interior design in the retail sector.

We had an amazing time at the retail design sector of  ‘Workspace Index 2016’  last week at World Trade Center, Dubai.

with the participation of an influential and innovative exhibitors / visitors from across the globe.

retail design 4SPACE

4SPACE at INDEX 2016

4SPACE at INDEX 2016

4SPACE at INDEX 2016


A regular follower of our social media channels will come to know that last year 4SPACE won multiple awards, like the Property Awards for Leisure Interior 2015, the coveted 2015 Luxury Lifestyle Award for Luxury Interior Design studio of United Arab Emirates, and The World Business Assembly Conference of Leaders and the Socrates Award in Barcelona, Spain. Socrates Award

And we were also honored to be shortlisted in several other awards, like Restaurant & Bar Design Award in the Global Category. Awards ceremony gathered in London with the world’s leading architects, interior designers, lighting designers and restaurant and bar.

Our presence at the retail design sector of Index 2016 gave us the opportunity to talk about our success in the retail and Restaurant design sector with the visitors and explain to them exactly what is that makes 4SPACE Interior Design, such an award winning company.

The event also provided us with the opportunity to present our latest ‘Retail and Restaurant’ projects including NURAI CAFÉ in Business Bay, Dubai.

We talked to many potential new clients and suppliers and got inspired from wondering around other Exhibitors in the event.

We showcased our abilities in innovative Retail and Restaurant design and the increasing use of retail technology to improve retail and restaurants customer experience.

Many visitors of the retail design sector took photos of our stand which was built in very trendy way.

We really had a great time and enjoyed the experience, and looking forward to next year.

4SPACE exhibtor profile

Some more photos for our stand at the retail design sector, workspace Index 2016.

retail design 4SPACE

4SPACE at INDEX 2016


4SPACE wins the Golden European Award in Barcelona

4Space wins the Golden European Award for Quality and Business Prestige for outstanding business achievements in interior design sphere.

Firas alsahin-4space-wins-golden-european-awardAmjad hourieh-4space-wins-golden-european-award

4space wins the award at the World Business Assembly Conference of Leaders and the Socrates Award Ceremony, 2016, took place on 26th and 27th March, 2016 in Hotel Claris Grand Luxe Barcelona.

Participants from more than 15 countries attended the event, World leaders in different fields of knowledge, including business, politics, and science, met at the annual conference and award ceremony to show, the newest achievements in the above mentioned areas.

The Conference of Leaders gathered a wide variety of cultures and it was attended by leading professionals from all five continents. Thus, it gave outstanding opportunities for the participants to network, to benchmark their activities and to look for new partners abroad.

4space-golden-european-awardFiras alsahin-4space-golden-european-award


The competition was fierce and 4Space showed great dedication to and excellence in interior design field.

It was an honor for 4Space to receive such recognition in the interior design consultancy services sphere-United Arab Emirates-Dubai


WBA Conference of Leaders and Socrates Award Ceremony Barcelona 2016