Great spaces make great businesses. Work success into the very fabric of your building with 4Space Interior Design.


Our interior designers work with you to assess your needs and the requirements of the space, generating a comprehensive plan allowing you to evaluate the costs and timeframe ahead of any decision.


The best decisions come from the most thorough planning. Using physical models and mock-ups, our interior design company examines the context of the space and deliver innovative solutions to better serve your company.


As one of the best interior design companies in Dubai, we pride ourselves on blending light, space and the fine details of a space to create a memorable experience for everyone utilising it.

About 4 Space Interior Design

4Space is a diversified, dynamic and multi- talented firm advocating a humane approach, delivering innovation and quality in architecture, interior design and space design.

We work with local and global brands to create attractive, comprehensive environments with effective commercial purpose for clients ranging from retail and hospitality to property development.

Led by Principal Partners Amjad Hourieh and Firas Alsahen, we have thrived over our 15 years of operation to provide extensive practical knowledge in design of commercial, retail and hospitality spaces, living spaces and exhibitions. This knowledge provides us with the insight to make objects resonate and to craft environments with impression.


4Space is different from other luxury interior design companies. We understand the unique challenges of designing in Dubai and meet them with the skills of a talented and diversified team of professionals.

Our goal is always satisfying our clients through the delivery of quality, innovative architectural, interior design and space design solutions for virtually every application, whether for a villa, restaurant or retail shop.

Ably led by principal partners Firas Alsahin and Amjad Hourieh, our organisation has blossomed over 15 years of operation into one of the region’s most respected firms. Providing local industry with our extensive practical knowledge for the design of retail, commercial and hospitality spaces, as well as living spaces and exhibitions, we’ve helped to create environments that leave an impression on users.


Concept creation
Our interior designers know that a good space begins with a good concept. Our concept creation services give you a framework that enhances the speed and accuracy of your decision-making, resulting in a space that more clearly expresses the philosophy of your brand.

Architectural projects
4Space’s architectural expertise seamlessly blends practical concerns and your brand’s own aesthetic values. Our goal is to combine luxury with functionality, resulting in a comfortable, attractive and holistically-designed space.

Interior design
The best interior design greatly enhances the experience, financial value and ultimate impact of a space. 4Space’s interior designers work to increase functionality with reference to your personal style. Our forward-looking company prizes the themes of futurism, minimalism, functionality, social and sustainability.

Project management
It’s not enough to have a multidisciplinary team, you have to know how to combine skills in the most effective way. 4Space delivers flawless projects, providing complete support from design to delivery to final installation.

Turnkey projects
We can take complete ownership of projects from small-scale accessorising to luxury renovations, combining our project management, installation and engineering services to provide an all-in-one solution.

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Concept creation

Concept creation

A good design begins with a good design concept. Our creation of concept leads the way to give you direction for design decisions that effectively communicates with the public and speaks most vividly about your brand.

Architectural projects

Architectural projects

We provide architecture services for the creation of buildings that incorporate practical issues and aesthetic values; by combining architectural vision with the expertise from our other services we provide truly holistic designs.

Interior design

Interior design

We enhance property through innovative layout that increases functionality, drawing on personal style, we create the ultimate environment that combines comfort with luxury, and functionality and bespoke fitted interiors finishing.

Project management

Project management

At 4SPACE, we effectively integrate a multidisciplinary team, manage and coordinate all relevant professionals, and deliver flawless projects, providing complete project management support, from design to delivery and installation.

Turn key projects

Turn key projects

From small scale accessorizing to high-end renovations, we offer complete project management, engineering and installation services to supply turnkey projects, taking full accountability and responsibility from start to finish.

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