Al Dawar Al Masry Restaurant

Al Dawar Al Masry Restaurant in Jeddah is inspired by a courtyard – private open space which is more prevalent in a temperate climate.

4SPACE envisioned a place to dine and relax in the middle of a city where biophilic space is inevitable. Jeddah is starting to embrace the changes in the industry where the design trends are now sweeping to organic and nature eccentric. Open space for the air to flow, and artificial skylight for more conducive lighting.

Color palettes of earthy colors and bespoke lights were used to blend with the natural elements of the overall ambiance. Onyx and marble stones were placed on walls and columns to add sophistication. Combination of steel and woods are also evident as it gives the lavish feeling. The vines and plants were spread throughout to satisfy an outdoor atmosphere replicating a courtyard.

This 500 sqm Restaurant in Jeddah provides a homey feeling amidst its busy surrounding. The unique and very intricate interior design by 4SPACE speaks out to everyone who dines.