Metaverse Design Company – Meta4space

Metaverse Design Company – Meta4space

Metaverse Design Company – Meta4space, why it should be in everyone’s radar? The word Metaverse quickly became a buzz word in Tech, Business and Architecture. It is the inevitable next leap forward in computer interfaces. In designer’s world, it refers to a shared architecture built on a blockchain that would allow virtual goods to move from platform to platform. It’s a broad term that refers to the virtual spaces created by different entities where people meet, interact in an immersive environment, to socialize remotely or play games or even attend virtual concerts.

This environment has grown to a wider community every day and the traffic to it is becoming higher than a traditional website. Teleporting around the metaverse will be like clicking a link on the internet, so the question is: How can companies and Brands market their business in the digital world? And how Meta4space – A Metaverse Design Company can help?

Brands and businesses want to be part of the next big thing, they want to exist where their customers exist. So, to do that they need to invest in virtual land and build their property whether it’s a shop, a showroom, or even an Art gallery. This is where Meta4space – A Metaverse Design Company comes in place – to design those spaces that will be the next big playground for Architects and Designers. Where the rules of reality including gravity will not be a creative limitation; they will work on geometry and visuals without worrying about utilizing the resources, budget, and craft of execution that takes years to master.

Due to the demands for 3D content in the Metaverse, we at 4SPACE Design decided to get into the Metaverse business by starting a new department specialized in what we like to call Meta Space Design. We started Meta4space – A Metaverse Design Company, to help brands bring their business to life, into the worlds with no limits, to teleport the brands to many different worlds through the following:

Digital Architecture

Traditional Architects will face competition from game designers, developers. In order to stand out, designers need to reflect on what values they can bring. Meta4space – A Metaverse Design Company created by 4SPACE design, will help brands and individuals to build their presence in the Metaverse by using gaming technology in designing digital architecture. By using VR headset and with tools like Gravity Sketch which is an intuitive 3D design platform for cross-disciplinary teams to create, collaborate, and review in an entirely new way.

NFT (non-fungible token)

Is a virtual certificate of authenticity based on blockchain technology that certifies a digital file’s origin and ownership. It can represent any digital asset, image, Art, music, digital fashion, digital furniture, etc., making it unique in the eyes of the world. Designers Will be Creating NFT’s which can be digitally accessed via encrypted code and will be able to exhibit their work in Virtual museum in the Metaverse as NFT’s art work or NFT furniture. Architects will be able to sell their virtual projects as NFT’s such as a museum.

Augmented Reality

AR is a technology that superimposes the computer-generated image on the user’s view to the real world, it can be experienced thru a headset, or your phone. Imagine you have a chair made out of flower petals with angel wings attached to it, sitting in your living room, designers can really overlay style on top of the physical world by using AR technology. The idea of having unlimited furniture collection with unlimited of colors and materials and without no negative impact on the environment.